Sarah (smileygoldfish) wrote in swing_kids,

Hey guys, i just thought i'd pop in cause i need some advice.

I've been swing dancing for the last 4+ years and am not as fanatic about it as i used to be, but i still like it. Anyway, I'm getting married in June and my fiance has a agree to learn some big-band swing so we can dance a song at our wedding. So now i'm looking for that "perfect song." But I'm not sure what exactly to look for.

I need something semi-fast. I'm just going to teach him east coast at first. (I'll teach him some lindy later). And I'm kind of looking for something that doesnt have a whole lot of lyrics, or is if does that the be some neutral love lyrics or something. Do you have any ideas of specific artists i should look up?

Tonight i was listening to a Glenn Miller CD and I'm thinking "In the mood" might be a good song...but maybe something a little faster would be good? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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