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The Mighty Piano

Heya :) I haven't posted here in a long time but me and friends started this community out. I recently bought some Jelly Roll Morton CD's, I must say I have become quite fond of the older piano styles. The Red Hot Peppers where conducted by Jelly Roll and they play some fantastic numbers. Likewise I have been listening to some Count Basie, you can never beat the tenor sax wars with the piano accompaniment. I find that Basie did a great job with directing his orchestra and playing a swinging rythm on the piano. To continue my list of piano playes I must say I enjoy listening to Fats Waller, besides his great humor his songs seem to carry a happy feel above and behond the normal. I read somewhere that Fats usually never played what he wanted, mostly because he had a contract with blue bird records and he had to play what they wanted him to play. I admire him because he played these songs as if he loved them. I play the tenor sax and I can't say I put my all into songs I don't like, but there in lies my weakness :)

Check out when ever you can. They play live broadcasts ever week with fantastic traditional jazz.

Quote: "Old trumpet player to a new trumpet player: The good news is, you've got great technique. The bad news is you've got great technique." - Bob Barnard

Well good to be back, take care all =)
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