roadie (skafiend167) wrote in swing_kids,

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you have pretty eyes!

nice get ups.
very cool
agreed, VERY blue eyes.

have you considered buying one of johnny boyd's ties?

my lad has a few original 40's ones, but boyd's are a good alternative apparently.

great pics! ;)
i couldn't get those. not allowed to buy anything off the net, or else i would already have my two-tone wingtips. that sucks.

and thanks.
same here. i hear of loads of people buying retro stuff so easily with a credit card, but alas, mes parents say "nay!"

bleurgh :(
yeah, i'm getting a job for that. then i won't have to collar money from my parents anymore.
Hot x1000, most definitely.
Awesome. just recently my GF gave me a fedora to go with my get up. Durby hat just wasnt cutting it.

no suspenders? That is the only thing you are missing!!
yeah, i can't find suspenders, not even at Savers. that's where i get most of my suits. one of my friends knows how to tailor the pants to make them fit better.

and fedoras are expensive. i got mine at the ventura bay when i was out in california and it was a line 200. but it is a stetson, with a silk lining. very nice. but i need a more inexpensive one to use for when i go out in the rain. i'm thinking a leather one instead of a felt one for that.
noooooooooo, leather shrinks/tightens in the rain!! bad idea.
i mean when it gets wet
well, i would get a pre-shrunk one, unless you can recommend a cheap material that would be better used. the felt ones are too expensive to wear out in the rain, and lose shape too easily when wet.