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Radio shows

Over here I find that a good radio show is hard to find, specifically one that plays swing, jazz, rockabilly et al. However, during my endless twiddling of those dials during a blissful winter's eve, I have come up with some fairly good shows, that you probably would all be able to listen to on the 'listen again' facility.

Russell Davies ~ classic crooning hits and everything that's cool.

Mark Lamarr ~ "Shake, Rattle and roll" ~ 50's rock and roll/ rhythm and blues/ rockabilly

Malcolm Laycock ~ "Sunday night at ten" ~ best of the british dance bands, and the swing/big bands

You can tell what I listen to every now and again :)

Those are national broadcasts (Britain), but even for my little local stations there's some good stuff:

The rock and roll party ~ does exactly what it says

As time goes by ~ sentimental crooning and sweet songs

Swingers and singers ~ does exactly what it says :)


So, does anyone else have any preferences regarding the greatness that is the radiogram? Are there any 'listen again' facilities on your fave show, so we can have a listen?


And also, who has vintage radios? I have two valve radios, each with LW, MW, and SW, which enables me to pick up music from around the world- without the help of a computrolla.


Sorry this is so long, but I love the radio. <3

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