Marco Esquandolas (onemusketeer) wrote in swing_kids,
Marco Esquandolas

Hello there. New Swing Kid comin' in! :-p

Name: Kevin "Bosley" Webb
Age: 16
Instruments I Play: Trombone, Baritone, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Tuba (in order of how good I am on each one, lol)
Music: Well...anything that isn't country or rap. Really depends on my mood. I'm a big drum corps fan, as well.
Favorite Quote: They don't care if I play a flatted 5th, a sharp 7th, or a ruptured 129th, as long as they can dance to it.
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WHEE! I agree with that quote! (I play flute/piccolo so um yeah) I'm also a huge drum corps fan... I did color guard at college with our marching band... not that this is a swingy subject...
Go Swing Devils of the Palouse! WHEE! (Swing dancers I danced with in Moscow, Idaho)
drum corps is just....oh boy. Have you ever marched?
I did marching band for 8 years! 2 of them as color guard!
heh.. that's me.. oops
Kick ass instrument list! Baritone/euphonium and trombone (well, bass trombone actually) are my primary instruments, but I also play the drums. Gotta love a fellow low brass player. :)
low brass....doing it an octave lower :)
hehe. I agree with that quote too. Nice to meet you!