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Just swing it!

Swing it all night and day!

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Hey kids this is a community for young people who like or are interested in swing/jazz/big band/ska type music. Older people are also welcome as we appreciate the knowledge and experience you posess! Thanks kids and have fun!

You should join this community if atleast one of these are true for you(in no order):
1- you like swing
2- you like jazz
3- you like big band
4- you like ska
5- you play a musical instrument
6- you like to dance
7- you like to sing
8- you like music in general
9- your interested in learning about music

And if you join... please fill out some info so we can get to know ya: such as your name, age, the music you like, instruments you play, maybe some pictures, a favorite quote, and whatever else youd like to include